ChipBox to debut at the 2013 PGA Merchandise Show

The brandable indoor chipping target will debut at the 2013 PGA Merchandise show in Orlando, Florida. The design has been licensed to Kikkor Golf for use in their booth during the show. Designer Phil Foss explains reaching out to the company.


The first company I reached out to was Kikkor Golf. James Lepp (founder of Kikkor Golf) is known for his unique chipping style, I thought it would be a good fit for his brand. Turns out he was already planning to give chipping demos during the show, and he expressed interest in using the ChipBox.


The prototype at the PGA Show will be branded ‘SaucerBox’ which is derived from James’ chipping style which looks more like a saucer pass from a hockey player. James Lepp was the runner up in Golf Channel’s Big Break Greenbrier reality show.

The product is perfect for the armchair golfer and anyone learning the game. The target is intended for indoor usage and primarily designed for use with practice balls.

Developed by designer Phil Foss, the idea for the chipping target originated as more of a gag gift.

I told my colleague Dan about my idea for a target made out of a cardboard box, an ordinary shipping box with a hole cut in it. I proudly named it Golf Course in a Box. Dan thought it was so ridiculous, he dared me to produce it. I think he said it was the worst product idea he’s ever heard of, something like that.

Phil went back to the drawing board and added came up with a unique design, keeping the brandable cardboard construction and gravity-fed design, but added a better target area and more aggressive return system. The prototype built for Kikkor Golf will be about 30″ high, and a production version is about half that size.

About the 60th PGA Merchandise Show
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